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Louis Hayes Treats with a Serenade for Horace

Serenade for Horace - Louis Hayes

Serenade for Horace – Louis Hayes

This morning I was looking over the Jazz Charts at the Roots Music Reports. There were several albums on the chart by artists who I am unfamiliar with that I want to check out. But the album at number two was the one that first caught my attention. It’s title is Serenade for Horace by jazz drummer Louis Hayes.  Now two things combine here to make this album interesting to me. First, I know little about Louis Hayes. Now I’ve become familiar with Horace Silver’s music over the last few years. The reason is that many times when I listened to jazz on the radio, a song would come on that caught my attention. So I’d look to see who it was and many times it was Horace Silver!! Anyway when I saw the name Horace Silver I knew I would probably like the album. Guess what, I was right!!

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An Eclectic Playlist for A Short Afternoon Trip

Something I Saw or thought I SAw - Part of an afternoon playlist - Bill Morrissey

Eclectic Playlist is the Highlight of An Afternoon Car Trip

This afternoon I made a trip to Walmart and the Cinnaminson Library. I needed to charge my iPhone 7 so I couldn’t pug it into the radio and charge it at the same time, so I brought along my iPod. I always say that I really do need to listen to the older music that I love more. But That would require that I listen to less new stuff which may not be a good thing as I try to present new music here. Anyway today the trip resulted in a short six song 24 minute playlist. The playlist reveals the eclectic nature of my music library.

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Cydemind – Erosion – Canadian Instrumental Progressive Metal

Erosion - Cydemind

Today’s Soundtrack: Cydemind – Erosion – Canadian Progressive Metal

The soundtrack of my four-mile run this morning was Erosion the latest release from the Canadian Progressive Metal band Cydemind. (You can read about the run here). The album has been in my music rotation for the few weeks and I have found it very interesting.There’s a certain sameness to the tracks, but that happens with instrumental albums. At least in my opinion. Anyway, here is some background information on Cydemind.

About Cydemind

The music of Cydemind draws on a lot of influences and their music combines Progressive Rock. jazz and Progressive Metal very nicely. Dream Theater, Haken, Neal Morse, Avishi Cohen and Tigran Hamasyan are among those bands that have influenced Cydemind. Erosion is the first full-length album. Previously, the band has released an EP – Through the Mist and Ages in 2014 and the single “What Remains”  in 2015. Cydemind is composed of five members. Here’s the line-up for Erosion….

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Poets, Philosophers, Workers and Wanderers – Joe Jencks – Gets better with each listen!

Poets Philosophers Workers and Wanderers - Joe Jencks

Poets, Philosophers, Workers and Wanderers – Joe Jencks

Poets, Philosophers, Workers and Wanderers opens with a terrific song “Let Me Sing You a Song”. And the terrific-ness of the album never stops! The album title s included in the verse of the song. And the song pretty much sums up Jenck’s political philosophy and pretty much mine!

Poets, Philosophers,Workers and Wanderers deservedly debuted at Number 1 on the Folk DJ’s Chart, back in June when it was released.  It is currently number two on the chart. It sits right behind Tom Russell’s latest – Play One More: The Songs Of Ian And Sylvia. 

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Crank Up Should’ve Seen It Coming by Blues Harpist Steve Krase for a Good Time!

Should've Seen it Coming - Steve Krase

Steve Krase – Should’ve Seen It Coming

I first encountered the blues harp and rockin’ music of Houston’s blues harpist Steve Krase a few years ago.At that time, he had just release his second album Buckle Up. The title of my post was  “Steve Krase Buckle Up – for a rockin’ blues ride!!’  I wrote that title because it perfectly fit Buckle Up. The great thing for fans of Steve Krase is that the title fits his current release Should’ve Seen It Coming just right too! Here’s some press about the new album!

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Pick Your Poison – Selwyn Birchwood – The Spring’s Best Blues Album?

Pick Your Poison - Selwyn Birchwood

Pick Your Poison Reaches No. 1 on the Roots Music Reporter’s Blues Chart

The more I listen to the Pick Your Poison the latest release from blues rocker Selwyn Birchwood, the more I like it. The album has also been steadily moving up the Roots Music Blues Chart . This week it finally made it to number one! Congrats Selwyn!

I first became aware of Selwyn Birchwood in 2013 when his been won the International Blues Challenge beating 130 bands from around the world! Selwyn also won the Albert King Guitarist of the Year award, presented at the same event

Selwyn BirchwoodSelwyn Birchwood hails from Tampa, Florida. In addition to playing a mean electric blues guitar. The singer composer also plays electric lap steel guitar. The Tampa Tribune said Birchwood plays with

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A Great Trip to Cabbagetown with Delta Moon

Cabbagetwon - Deltoa Moon370

Cabbagetown Another Winner from Delta Moon

In accordance with my plan to listen to more music, I put several Americana albums in the iPhone on Monday night. In addition listening to Americana this week Is consistent with my plans . I planned to explore Americana music ( folk, blues, bluegrass and alt-country) during the first week of each month. Anyway, I the Americana albums I picked include:  two blues, two bluegrass albums and one folk album.

Yesterday, I listened to one of the blues albums Cabbagetown from Delta Moon . I first discovered the music of Delta Moon back in 2010 around the time of the release of their sixth album Hellbound Train. I loved their swamp blues right from the get-go. Cabbagetown is the band’s eleventh album. Eight of the alums are studio albums and three live albums.

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A Return to Running Music by Sean Chambers

Trouble and Whiskey - Sean Chambers

The Run –  30 Minutes – 2.75 Miles

So I stuck to plans for a run this yesterday afternoon and took off on a run at around 5:15. Which I guess is actually this evening. My plan was to run for at least 30 minutes. I chose a course that I usually run when I am returning to running. It’s  about 2.5 miles plus and takes around 30 some minutes.

Since it was my first run in over a month, I kept reminding myself as I was prepping for the run to take it easy! Anyway whether it’s old age or I just have learned over the years how to run slower, I was able to maintain a nice easy pace throughout the run.

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Five Ways to Get More Music in My Day!

Iphone and headphones

Five Ways to Re-Ignite My Music Listening

I love a variety of music and for several years I’ve blogged about the music I listen to. But lately that has not been the case. So the question of the day is how can I  get back to listening and writing about music?  When I gave the question some thought,  I came up with five ways to get re-ignite my music listening by getting more music into my daily life…..

1. Start Running Again

When I thought about it  realized that I used to listen to a lot of music when I ran. Then after my runs, I would write about the run and the run’s musical soundtrack. So I think that one way to get back into listening to music is to start running three times a week again.

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AM Workout: Tabata with Meditation Music From Nathan Speir

art of a Kindly Plan - Nathan Speir

A Tabata Workout Followed by the peaceful music of Nathan Speir

This morning I really did not feel like doing a full 60 minute workout. I seriously considered only doing a light yoga workout. But the. I thought maybe a short 20 minute Tabata workout. So I created one on the workout app that I use. It consisted of 8 – 20 second intervals followed by 10 second rest of the following

  • Jumping jacks
  • Squat thrusts
  • Sit ups
  • Mountain climbers
  • Push-ups/ squats 5 push outs 3 squats

Of course I counted how many of the exercises I did in each interval. If you had told me T the beginning of the exercise I would be doing

  • 200 jumping jacks
  • 64 sit-ups
  • 64 squat thrusts
  • 240 mountain climbers and
  • 40 push ups

I would have said you were nuts! But that’s what I did. And although the workout only burnt. Calories according to my Fitbit I think it was pretty damn good workout!

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